Sayyadina Mk. 2

Sayyadina Mk 2.

Ove - Vocals, Adde - drums , Jon - guitar & vocals, Andy - bass & vocals

Me and Jon talked to each other for the first time at a Nasum show in Örebro, January 2000. In Stockholm, six months later we began to play some grindcore together, just as I had picked up drumming again after a two year break. Also around that time I started to do the same thing with Andreas, whom I had known since 1997.
These constellations used the same rehearsal space and both Jon and Andreas are bassists but played guitar with me. I couldn't see any reason for two almost identical duos to exist, so I suggested we'd combine the forces, as I really wanted to play with both of them. After some hesitations we decided to try, we made our first practice as a three piece band in September. Andreas switched to playing bass as Jon was the most stubborn of the two for the guitarist slot in the band. Andreas and Jon shared the vocals.

Click here for a pic of Sayyadina Mk 1, taken July 2001.
Picture by Anna Edin.

Sayyadina's live debut was held at Kafé 44, Stockholm, in January 2001. In February we made our first visit to a studio, recording fourteen songs: Five of them ended up on the split 7" with Bruce Banner (released by Sounds Of Betrayal). The 7" was released just in time for the hot three week Sayyadina/Bruce Banner European tour in July.

In September 2001 we recorded ten tracks in the famous Sunlight Studio, Stockholm – six of those for our "Solace denied" 7" (Sounds Of Betrayal), two of the other songs ended up on the "Polar grinder" compilation lp (Manufactured cR/Putrid Filth Conspiracy) and one finally on the "Unlawful grindcore assembly" comp 7" (Nuclear Bbq Party).

A second visit to the Sunlight Studio took place in February 2002. Seven songs was recorded for the "Swedish assault" compilation cd (Relapse) and five for the Sayyadina/No Value split 7" (Sounds Of Betrayal).
Shit happened as I did the last takes during the second Sunlight session: My right shoulder started to hurt and at a rehearsal mid March 2002 I figured I had to take a break from drumming.
As there was no improvement in my shoulder within the next couple of weeks we realized that the already booked Sayyadina/Second Thought tour in Germany, starting April 25th, was in danger. What to do? We decided to look for a stand in drummer for the tour and less than four weeks prior to the tour we saw Birdflesh live in Norrköping and thought that their drummer Andreas "Adde" Mitroulis would fit fine filling my spot. We asked him and he said yes right away – he just got fired from his day-job so he was available.
Unfortunately Adde lives in Växjö, 450 km away from Stockholm, and that of course made the rehearsal part of bringing him as the new drummer into the band a bit difficult but that didn't stop us. Or him. We sent him a cd with 14 songs and a week later he came to Stockholm to rehearse and he got every track right at the first try! After a total of two practices with Adde on drums and me on vocals we went for a two week German tour together with Second Thought.

When my shoulder still hadn't recovered by early 2003, we decided to continue with this four-piece line-up, and in August we began the recording of our first full length album. Adde did all the drums in one day in a studio in Växjö, then the rest of us took it quite easy and didn’t hurry at all.
We completed six tracks with Jon and Andreas singing in October to make a cd-r only release just for the Sayyadina/Cyness European eight countries in 16 dates tour in November/December. (Still to this day none of us really knows why they recorded the vocals and not me.)
From February through April 2004 we recorded the real bass, guitars and vocals for the album "Fear gave us wings", released on cd by Sound Pollution in November and on vinyl by Yellow Dog the following month.

Early 2005 I started playing some drums again and in May we made our first live appearance in over three years with the original line-up, with Adde eagerly cheering in the crowd. We decided to do future one-off shows as a trio, but as I can't blast two days in a row tours are done as a quartet.

In July we joined Looking For An Answer for a one week European tour, with the support slot for Napalm Death in Vienna and the Obscene Extreme festival in Trutnov as highlights (and my overheating Volvo as lowpoint).
Six weeks later the trio went back to the Czech Republic for an appearance at the Play Fast Or Don't festival. Seeing Hellnation was worth the trip alone, as well as just the excellent beer and the fantastic fried breaded cheese with tartar sauce and French fries.

January 2006 saw Sayyadina opening for Rotten Sound on the 21 date Grind Your Face Off tour through eleven European countries. Traveling in a nightliner gave us the impression we for once lived a life of luxury and affluence, almost like rock stars or something and the headlining Finns treated us extremely well all the time!

We started recording our second album in March. Using our own rehearsal room and having Andreas engineering with his equipment (Bacup Studios) made it possible for me to do all the drumming: By recording a couple of songs one day, then wait a few days before next session I avoided overstraining my shoulder.

By late May we left Europe for the first time to play the fourth edition of Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore, MD Usa.

Ove, july 2006

Read the incredibly detailed Sayyadina logbook here.

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